About MyAvin

It is an online Mobile app based service with latest Android and Ios technology with the best choice to support and fulfillment of various needs effectively & efficiently. We provide various features of online services such as delivery services for people using Two, Three or Four wheelers, or food delivery, gold purchase services, parcel & delivery services for your shopping. The online transportation service from MYAVIN is present to serve all citizens of Surakarta.The service will be soon expanded to other cities of Indonesia .

MyBike for transportation using a two-wheeler motorcycle taxi

MyCar for transportation using a car.

MyFood for ordering and shipping food.

MyBecak or transportation using a rickshaw.

MyParcel for shipping goods using a motorcycle.

MyMall for ordering and shipping shopping items.



MyAvin app on playstore

Let's download the Myavin application on Google Play Store and enjoy a variety of services.



Live Tracking

This service is to share your travel history in real time with your relatives or friends. You can use the share live tracking service to easily inform your location.

Multiple Ride Booking

You need several drivers but only have one mobile phone? You can order several rides at a time for several people using the MyAvin application.

Schedule Ride

Order scheduling services before traveling trips on different dates or different time when booking trip orders. Our system will read as a booking order with a schedule that has been chosen by the customer. The customer must re-confirm the driver's booking on delivery day.

Multiple Drop Off

The best service choice for pampering customers with a service option for booking drivers with the booking order system. In one order travel system we can stop at more than one destination with one driver.

Multiple Collection Foods

This service will be very helpful for customers in ordering food and goods because in a single order system one pilot can collect multiple items from several places like restaurants, shop or store and deliver all to the customer at one place.

Ride By Gender

The best service choice for pampering customers with preferred services to choose drivers according to gender. You want to enjoy the trip with the driver of your choice? My Avin is the solution.